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The Canine Equivalent Of Covid

Yes, it’s extremely contagious, symptoms include a nasty cough, your dog can be a carrier without you even knowing it and luckily there is a vaccine to help avoid our precious pooches getting it and passing it onto other dogs. Sound familiar?!?

It’s Kennel Cough and it is doing the rounds in our historic local town

I’ve been a dog Mum for 10+ years and knew very little about Kennel Cough until the recent outbreak in our little, beautiful town called Stamford. And it could so easily be avoided!!

I've worked in the world of GDPR and Data Protection so I know sometimes this restricts the contact a business can make to consumers. BUT.... if my vet had been able to call me, to explain the importance of our furry friends having a vaccine to avoid contracting this horrible bacterial virus, and that the vaccine costs only about £20, I would have booked them straight in.

Unfortunately, without the knowledge, experience or advice, some of my #oodlesfamily have been struck down by this awful and are having to self isolate until they are 7 days symptom free. This includes one of my own dogs, Merlin ❤️

How do you know if your dog has Kennel Cough?

There is no better way to describe it than a hacking cough, almost as if they have something stuck in their throat and they are trying to cough it up. Unfortunately my little Merlin also brought up a white, foamy, phlegmy substance…yuk.

Picture of my Merlin kindly taken by HB Total Media

From my experience of how quickly this bacterial virus can spread, and seeing how uncomfortable it has been for Merlin, book your pooch in for a vaccine. It’s well worth the trip and as they say, prevention is better than cure x

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