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Updated: May 7, 2021

Oodles Of Fun could not be more delighted to sponsor the local boys and girls in blue who have come together to support a great cause.

Oodles Of Fun supply N.S.K Dons with football socks for their big fundraising football match

Supporting The Offside Trust - Safeguarding Children In Sport

As police officers, the safeguarding of children sits at the heart of everyday work and this is why they have chosen The Offside Trust as their chosen charity.

The Offside Trust is the organisation setup by survivors for survivors of child sexual abuse in sport, committed to supporting survivors and working to make all sport safer for children. Read more here >>

Fundraising Event

Calling themselves The N.S.K Dons, this recently formed football team made up of police officers and support staff from Lincolnshire police will be taking to the pitch on Sunday 23rd May 2021 to take on their Lincoln rivals, the Sunday Night Legends.

Like all great people, Ie. Captain Sir Tom, who selflessly give up their time to raise money and awareness for others, these guys set themselves a target without any idea if they would get close. Oodles Of Fun were the first to kick off the donations and it is not too late to make a donation to support this great cause!!

And what better way for Oodles Of Fun to show the team that little extra support than to buy them matching socks for the big day. The black and white striped socks are going to make the N.S.K Dons look the part, and hopefully play their part in hopefully bringing the trophy home.

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