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First of all we would like to wish each and every one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. We hope you have had wonderful Christmas, hopefully offering you a well deserved break from the 'W' word to spend with friends, family and of course your fur babies.

Now it's time for your pooches to get their playdates planned in for our return on Wednesday, 4th January 2023.

How To Reinstate An Existing Playdate Plan

For the Christmas holidays, all playdate plans were paused and so if you are booking a playdate, it will ask you to set up another. You can do this, no problem and once I see a new plan set up, i'll simply cancel your old one. Or alternatively pop me a message and I will be happy to reinstate your old playdate plan!!

A Recent Change To Booking A Playdate

Booking Additional Playdates

What Is An Ad-Hoc Playdate?

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