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Kennel Cough Is Doing The Rounds Again

In June last year we posted a blog all about The Canine Equivalent Of Covid. At that time we had to close Oodles Of Fun down for 2 weeks to stop the spread, and it is our hope that we don't have to resort to this again this year.

Help Us Stop The Spread 🙏

In the past week we have heard of quite a few cases of Kennel Cough, and it is our hope to try and avoid it spreading any further.

If your pooch has a playdate booked this week, but have not seemed themselves (even if they have not coughed), perhaps it is best they miss this week playdate in the paddock and instead had a pop in at home. Just get in touch to let us know and we can pause their playdate plan and put other plans in place if necessary.

How do you know if your dog has Kennel Cough?

There is no better way to describe it than a hacking cough, almost as if they have something stuck in their throat and they are trying to cough it up. I found this website page really useful to find out more about kennel cough

Kennel Cough Vaccination

We always think that a trip to the vets is going to cost a fortunate but I can assure you, I never get that feeling as I trust Priory Vets in Stamford 100%.

When it comes to Kennel Cough vaccinations it costs as little as £20 and lowers the risk of your pooch having severe symptoms. It is a 'live' vaccination so the vet is basically giving your pooch a version of the infection, but one that will help them in the future. For this reason we took the precaution of not mixing our Yaz & Merlin with other dogs for 3/4 days after their vaccination.

NOTE: Your pooch can still contract Kennel Cough even if they have had the vaccination, they just might not show any symptoms or if they do, it may only be mild symptoms rather than becoming really poorly.

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