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Food For Thought

The cost of living crisis is hard to ignore. It is all over the news but what is most important is how many households it is impacting, and how we might be able to help.

It makes me a little emotional to think about how individuals, couples and families might find it hard to cope with the ever increasing cost of living, even more so when I heard on the news that people were thinking of rehoming their pets, as they just could not afford to feed them.

Just one little post on a social media produced this amazing bounty of dog food, that was gathering dust in cupboards, with its fate to probably go out of date and end up in the bin.

A massive thank you to our Oodles Family for making this happen, and I am delighted to say that the dog food donation was welcomed with open arms at the Stamford Food Bank.


The Oodles Crew are happy to receive any donations you have, and each week we will make a special trip to the Stamford Food Bank to make sure your donations get in the hands of those that need them, as quickly as possible.

Or there are so many drop off points located in and around Stamford. They are listed on the Stamford & Oundle Foodbank Website - Click here to find one near you

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